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That is one heck of a tool! It is more complete than anything in anticipated and covers a lot of bases. Definitely something that once completed one would want to keep in a cool dry place.

Stop Rummaging thru your husband’s/parents’ desk drawers for account information, passwords, etc.
The owner’s extensive experience as a Paper Organizer has captured in “My Life in a Flash” the file structure, making it the most complete document organizing tool out there.  All families are different, some sections you might not need, while other sections will need to be expanded, which is very easily done.  I can only highly recommend “My Life in a Flash” to anyone who wants to eliminate/minimize the stress often related to searching for passwords, critical documents, etc. in case of illness or death of a parent or spouse.

The Excel spreadsheet is so well designed, with easy to find logical folders for different types of text information.  Keeping ALL my personal information organized in one, small, convenient place is great.  Talk about being extremely secure.  I do not trust putting important information onto some internet storage drive that might cancel my subscription account for some reason.  Or worse, only on the smartphone that can get stolen or crash.  I can put it in my tiny fireproof safe.

My Life In A Flash far exceeded my expectations…  Using this product, I was very quickly able to organize my personal and business affairs.  The comprehensive format makes documenting and referencing key information such as account numbers and passwords vey easy.  This product was given to me as a gift by someone equally impressed.  I used it with the intention of sparing my family the arduous process of finding key information in the event of my death.  I was impressed by the detailed coverage of relevant data points.  I now find myself referencing my information for easy of daily life management.  Everyone should purchase one and take an evening to complete it.  It’s a great investment.

My Life In A Flash has been an incredibly safe way to store my personal information so that I can keep track of it, and my loved ones can as well should the need arise.  It’s a thoughtful way to keep track of life in the present, while allowing you to plan for the future.  For example, it has spaces to save information about finances and passwords, but also information about life insurance, funeral arrangements, and even a tab with tips for how to open and manage an estate.  The best part is that it has tabs to store information I wouldn’t have thought to keep track of, for example, information about pets, contact information to close friends, and information to share with your local police and fire department about how to access your house in case of an emergency.  I highly recommend My Life In A Flash for everyone, and especially those with aging parents or relatives whose information you may need unexpectedly.

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