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What Information Can I Store On My Life In A Flash®©?

All personal data such as credit cards, life insurance, banking, pets, etc.

How Do I Keep My Information Protected?

It is protected in 3 ways:
1) Your information is not vulnerable to internet hacking.
2) The database (Excel spreadsheet) can be encrypted in Excel with a password.
3) The storage case is metal and protects the USB drive from potential electronic surveillance or damage. It is also an attractive way to store conveniently in a personal safe.

Can I Add or Remove Tabs From My Life In A Flash®© Spreadsheet?

Yes, you can add and remove tabs from My Life In A Flash™© Spreadsheet.

What Do I Do With My 911 Info?

Just copy only your 911 information onto a separate USB drive and share it with your police department. They will make a copy of this file and return your USB drive to you immediately.

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