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Our Story

Long ago, before laptops & smartphones, professionals (lawyers, accountants, executives) employed trustworthy private secretaries to manage all their important documents, meetings and their personal data.

Terry Skriba, CEO of My Life In A Flash®© made a successful career providing such secretarial services with unique organizational skills. Since she had to know exactly what was needed and when it was needed. To increase her productivity, Terry developed a personal database to organize the complex and diverse information for quick retrieval.

But as her baby-boomer clients confronted their end-of-life issues, it became obvious that others (children, accountants, lawyers) also needed access to some of that personal information in a secure, logical, rapid and convenient way.

This led to her designing a comprehensive data format to easily sort such personal information into pre-organized folders, and be searched quickly to share the results.

She knew that for an uninvolved family member to find the proper mortgage title, insurance, medical, banking documents, etc., hidden away by a very forgetful parent, the task can be emotionally difficult, if not impossible.

The Final breakthrough for My Life In A Flash®© came when she incorporated a password protectable spreadsheet into a small USB Drive.

Kept in a secure place, our USB drive also has the capacity to store easily captured “pictures” of information (driver’s license, credit cards, wills, tax forms, etc.) or audio/video files about where precious property (jewels) are kept and what should be done with such things.

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